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NovaTK 1.1 - 13 September 2008 - Download from
Source code is available. Binaries for Linux(32-bit RPM) and Windows (32-bit) available.
There is a seperate package for Windows under novatk-devfiles that contains the headers and library required for building NovaTK applications under Windows.

Under Windows: For building NovaTK on Windows you will need headers and libraries for libpng and libz. Since this is hard to come by(for Visual Studio 2005) as prebuilt for Windows I have provided them here. The default location of these files is expected to be under C:\extra_libs. If you are building NovaTK and installing it manually, it requires a registry to specify its install location (This is where its shared files are). The key is: HKLM\NovaTK\InstallPath. This is created by the installer.

Under Linux: At the moment NovaTK should use the install prefix: /usr. If using the RPM to install NovaTK, files will be installed to /usr/include/novatk, /usr/share/novatk, /usr/lib/*. If building and installing NovaTK, you must pass --prefix=/usr to the configure script. This is because at the moment NovaTK looks for its shared files in /usr/share/novatk. In the future this will be configurable.


Currently hosted on Sourceforge. At the moment the CVS repository is updated occassionaly when I have time or remember to update it. Normally the source in the repository is stable and will build without errors. If you encounter errors building the latest source from the repository, contact me as I may have forgotten to add files to the repository.
To download latest source tree:
cvs login
cvs co novatk2

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