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Viewer provides a common interface for all widgets that use a viewport. The interface provides access to functionality of the viewport from the user's point of view. It allows external scrolling of the viewport as well as the ability to obtain the information about the viewport for the purposes of making it possible for an application to "remember" where the content was positioned in the viewport when it was last used.

Public Member Functions

virtual NOVATKAPI void GetContentPosition (int &c_x, int &c_y) const
virtual NOVATKAPI const Rectangle GetContentRectangle () const
virtual NOVATKAPI const Rectangle GetVisibleRectangle () const
virtual NOVATKAPI void SetContentPosition (int c_x, int c_y)

Member Function Documentation

void NovaTK::Viewer::GetContentPosition ( int &  c_x,
int &  c_y 
) const [virtual]

Obtains the offset of the upper left corner of the content in the viewport.

const Rectangle NovaTK::Viewer::GetContentRectangle (  )  const [virtual]

A rectangle describing the current dimensions of the content in the widget's viewport.

const Rectangle NovaTK::Viewer::GetVisibleRectangle (  )  const [virtual]

A rectangle describing the visible region of the content within the widget's viewport.

void NovaTK::Viewer::SetContentPosition ( int  c_x,
int  c_y 
) [virtual]

Sets the offset of the content upper left corner of the content in the viewport. Note that this offset is its position relative to the upper left corner of the viewport and thus is typically negative.

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