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Detailed Description

A slider widget indicates a position within a range. It presents a line which represents the range and a slider that represents the position.

Public Types

enum  Direction { Vertical, Horizontal }

Public Member Functions

virtual NOVATKAPI NStatus Create (Window *parent, int c_x, int c_y, int c_length, Direction c_direction)
virtual NOVATKAPI void Destroy ()
virtual NOVATKAPI void Draw ()
NOVATKAPI double GetPosition ()
NOVATKAPI double GetNumUnits ()
virtual NOVATKAPI void Resize (uint r_length)
NOVATKAPI void SetPosition (double position)
NOVATKAPI void SetUnits (double numUnits)

Member Enumeration Documentation

Indicates the upon which axis the slider is based.

Vertical  The slider will run vertically.
Horizontal  The slider will run horizontally.

Member Function Documentation

NStatus NovaTK::Slider::Create ( Window parent,
int  c_x,
int  c_y,
int  c_length,
Direction  c_direction 
) [virtual]

Initializes the widget. This works just like Widget::Create except that is specifies only the length of the bar and its direction because the thickness/width is static.

void NovaTK::Slider::Destroy (  )  [virtual]

Destroys the widget.

Reimplemented from NovaTK::Widget.

void NovaTK::Slider::Draw (  )  [virtual]

Redraws the widget. This function is called by NovaTK and doesn't normally need to be called outside of the toolkit.

Reimplemented from NovaTK::Widget.

NOVATKAPI double NovaTK::Slider::GetPosition (  )  [inline]

The position of the slider.

NOVATKAPI double NovaTK::Slider::GetNumUnits (  )  [inline]

The number of logical units set by SetUnits.

void NovaTK::Slider::Resize ( uint  r_length  )  [virtual]

Changes the length of the width. Note that the width/thickness of the bar is static.

void NovaTK::Slider::SetPosition ( double  position  ) 

Changes the position of the slider.

void NovaTK::Slider::SetUnits ( double  numUnits  ) 

Specifies the number of logical units that represent the range of the slider. This will be equal to the maximum position minus one.

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