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Detailed Description

This dialog allows the user to select a specific file or directory to open or save to.

Public Types

enum  SelectionObject { Directory, File }
enum  Mode { Open, Save }

Public Member Functions

NOVATKAPI NString GetFilename () const
NOVATKAPI void SetDirectory (const NString &path)
NOVATKAPI DialogResponse Show (Mode m, SelectionObject s, Window *parent=NULL)

Member Enumeration Documentation

Specifies what object the user is to select.

Directory  The user needs to select a directory.
File  The user needs to select a file.

Specifies the purpose of the dialog.

Open  The dialog is being used to select a file to open.
Save  The dialog is being used to select a file to save to.

Member Function Documentation

NString NovaTK::FileSelectionDialog::GetFilename (  )  const

A string containing the path to the filename/directory selected by the user after having dismissed the dialog.

void NovaTK::FileSelectionDialog::SetDirectory ( const NString path  ) 

Sets the directory that the dialog will start in when shown.

FileSelectionDialog::DialogResponse NovaTK::FileSelectionDialog::Show ( Mode  m,
SelectionObject  s,
Window parent = NULL 

Displays the dialog to the user. This function will not return until the user has dismissed the dialog.

m - The mode of the dialog.
s - The type of object to be selected.
parent - The top-level window that owns this dialog.
The user's response to the dialog.

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