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Posted 2008-09-13 by realmz
NovaTK 1.1 has been released. The source code and binaries for Linux and Windows are available for download. At the moment the only Linux binary release is in the form of a RPM (built under Fedora x86). Changes include: Full support for disabling widgets, support for pre-multiplied alpha based image formats(used by XRender), drag scrolling of TextEntry widgets, a Slider widget, a Viewer interface and several bug fixes.

Posted 2008-08-30 by realmz
There have been substantial to updates the API Reference. Several classes that weren't documented before are now documented. The API reference reflects the API of the version of NovaTK which is currently checked into CVS which is at this time version 1.1 of the API. I plan to release NovaTK 1.1 soon. For this release I intend to have binaries for several Linux distros and Windows ready on release day.

Posted 2008-08-14 by realmz
NovaTK 1.0 has been released! While this version of NovaTK is referred to as NovaTK 2 in CVS, it is released as 1.0 because it is the first official public release. It should build on all Unix/Linux operating systems and Windows XP. It has not been tested on Windows Vista. The API Reference should be complete enough to begin developing applications with NovaTK. The source code for this release is available on the project's Sourceforge page. Binaries for several Linux distributions and Windows should be available soon.

Posted 2008-08-14 by realmz
The About section has been updated.

Posted 2008-03-09 by realmz
A module for the rewrite of NovaTK has been imported into CVS named "novatk2". It contains the complete sources to the rewrite of NovaTK, the test app and images as of the date of the last commit.

Posted 2008-03-08 by realmz
I am currently experimenting with a rewrite of NovaTK. Although the API is not completely different, it is completely incompatible with applications written for previous versions of NovaTK thus the API version will be increased to 2.0. Significant changes include: the entire API is contained with a "NovaTK" namespace, a string class, "NString", has been introduced to be used throughout the API to provide complete UTF-8 support, the internal API, GSys, is now completely object oriented and support for loading and displaying PNG images in addition to experimental support for alpha blending images that use the alpha channel.

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